Why you need a clean roof

The roof of your home has a big job - keeping your family and possessions warm and dry, deflecting rain, sleet, and snow, and creating a place for loved ones to gather. It is quite an underrated aspect of a building. While we may say we are thankful for a roof overhead, do we ever take the time to actually give it some TLC? It may not seem like something that needs to be maintained, but it should actually be on the top of your list. A new roof can cost around $10,000, so the longer the lifespan of your current roof, the better.

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Add Pressure Washing to Your Spring Cleaning List

Winter is starting to give way to spring, and I’m sure many of us are starting to look toward spring cleaning. While dusting, decluttering, and vacuuming are obvious, you should also add house pressure washing to your spring cleaning list. There are a variety of reasons why pressure washing should be on your list - from the obvious “squeaky clean” look it will give your home, to the less obvious health and financial benefits.

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"Our driveway looks as good as the new one next door and our patio looks great, too. I heard about Just Right cleaning through a neighbor and I would highly recommend, too!"

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